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Welcome to =EP= Gamers

Our mission at =EP= Gamers is to sustain and promote good gaming, sportsmanship, loyalty and honesty in the lives of gamers all over the world. We plan to achieve this mission, primarily, by allowing members to play games in a competitive yet friendly environment. Through these interactions, we hope to give our members a sense of belonging, while also promoting teamwork. We believe that in doing so, we are helping these members to achieve their highest potential in game and in real life. Our officers and leaders are committed volunteers that provide support to our members anytime it is needed. Our success will be measured not by the number of members the clan has, but by creating a tight community of gamers. We are a non-profit organization, and our officers and leaders are all unpaid volunteers here to help our members whenever we can.

Sims 4 *UPDATED*

Written by Miss Angel.


Sims 4 is here!

Before the Sims 4 launched, Origin gave Sims 2 complete collection away for free for a period of time. I obviously jumped on this and I also ended up purchasing Sims 3 and a few expansions. I loved everything about Sims 3 so when Sims 4 came out, I was just as excited!


First impressions - nice easy loading screen, took no time at all (unlike Sims 3 which took forever!). On to customising my character, yes! The most exciting thing about any simulation game is customisation options. The UI is a little tricky, wanting to adjust something and can't quite get it to move where you want it, or wanting to turn my character to the side and suddenly her cheeks have just expanded to that of a gerbil with food tucked away. However, I think I got it close enough (I had to do it twice as the first time I spent too long on it and had to go for tea, saving and closing it, thinking I could continue with my creation proved naieve. It didn't save and I had to start again).


So, characters created and I move into some bargain house to start with. Thankfully, they've kept most of the same cheat codes from the previous Sims so rather than slaving away like I am in real life, I can add 50k simoleons to my account and let me creativity get sparkling!


Of course, custimisation of the house is limited some what. Not by much but it is noticeable when you start comparing. However, without this limitation (as Panda quite rightly pointed out to me), what would they have left for the expansions? I severely missed the ability to have a cat or dog in the place but I imagine that will arrive some time later next year. A good improvement is that if you're not like the rest of us who are willing to put in the time to build the perfect room and create our dream house, there are room presets with a few different themes ready for you to just plonk down and place. For the few of you who don't want to fuss about and just get on with it (you're not a true Sims player if you do!), it's nice and simple, however costs a few grand and would take a few days of work to afford.


So! I've built my house, now lets play and see what happens! First thing I notice, Sims can now multitask. And the first thing to happen was my character went to play on the computer. I was astounded to see the Sims began playing out my real life, my flat mate had come over and was chatting to me while I was playing games!

 DSC 0839

Unlike real life, my Sim seemed to be thriving off this interaction. Now there's the next improvement, Sims now have moods. Unfortunately, play your cards right and these can change quicker than a woman with PMS higher than a cloud. They still have the inspirations but now instead of things you can decide if you want to aim for them or not, they just appear above your Sims head and those influenced by the mood are first choice. You can discard them, but you have to wait for the next mood swing before it's replaced. I haven't yet found a reason as to why I should oblige them, there's no obvious point system for it and all it does is increase the mood (from what I've seen). Not like in Sims 3 where it would account for Life points that you could then spend on a skill. It's pretty cool to see the mood your Sim is in and to see your characters attitude, posture and tone of voice even change. Other Sims even seem to feed off particular moods and can influence them too. As well as events effecting their moods, certain social situations can also do the same. I had a visitor come round who was in a mischevious mood, nothing I could do about her as she decided to set fire to my kitchen thinking it would be funny and causing my Sims to have a nervous breakdown.


Next thing regarding social antics, it took me all of 5 minutes to create a relationship and "woohoo", another 5 minutes to get married and a further minute to try for a baby. Well, screw that, I'm going down the night club to be socialable. Nights out have become a little more intimate. There's no huge dance floor (although it may arrive in an expansion later), but there's bar where I can order drinks and chips, buy a round for all and get involved in group conversations. However, despite talking to 5 different people at the same time, if I haven't introduced myself to them, I don't know who they are and have no acknowledgement of even meeting them. Funny thing I came across, I can click on someone and say what introduction I'd like to give (Funny, friendly or rude) and as soon as I say to introduce myself, it comes up saying that I and this person I am approaching don't know each other. Well, no shit sherlock! Why else am I introducing myself to them other than for the fact I don't know them but the look interesting! I'm not going to go up to my best friend and introduce myself? On the talk of socialising, the Goth family are still around. It makes them look like the veterans of Sims and I wouldn't be surprised if they're the first family the developers made but it certainly makes me feel special that I'm friends with Bella Goth (the beautiful bitch that she is).


More social situations! So another thing is that you have a phone that you can do pretty much anything from. I decided to organise an event. You have to hire people such as a mixologist, caterer, musician etc (depending on the type of event). If you know someone who has the particular skill required, you can use them and save some dosh but if not, you hire in the person. What it doesn't tell you is that YOU have to supply EVERYTHING. Mixologist? You have to buy the bar for them. Musician? You have to buy their intrument. Caterer has to have access to some sort of kitchen. That's all very well but when you chose the venue (which is the last step), everyone suddenly gets teleported there (unless it's at home, in which case people arrive as expected). This was most inconvenient when I wanted to arrange a wedding. Not only did I hold it at a beach, but had nothing that I needed. And with any social event, you have goals to achieve (optional) and I couldn't achieve half of them because I didn't have the necessary equipment. Granted I could buy it but I'm not wasting more money! I decided to quit and load it again from the last save and this time research what I needed. This time I had the wedding at home, bought a wedding arch, I already had everything else. The sad thing was is that, the first time, my character automatically changed into a wedding dress. But having the wedding at home, I guess I was meant to tell her to get changed but I didn't know, and she ended up getting married in a rock top and galaxy leggings to a man in just his boxer shorts. Classy.


I've since had a baby. My Sim that is. It was rather cool seeing my Sim just grow and could keep track of the semester I was in. I also had the option to give birth at home or at hospital. What didn't happen however was maternity leave. I worked right up until I popped and went straight back to work the next day. It turns out that when the child is alone, they automatically go to day care and return when someone is in the house. A lovely thing I was happy to see was that when feeding the child, I had the option of whether to breast feed or bottle feed and this only applied to my Sim. I'd hate to see the father try it...


Career wise, I have to say I'm quite happy with it. I went for the Techy geeky option and was a Live Chat Support agent (ever so close to what I used to be). You can easily view what you need to do in order to get promoted and there's still the option to choose how you work (with additional options depending on your mood before or during work) and every now and then, there's a situation where you need to select what you do. I was more happy to see that the promotion scheme wasn't far off the truth, promotion from Tech support was Tech QA which is exactly what it is in my current line of work. Another promotion from this was Code monkey, again pretty darn accurate but maybe that's just because of my job! I've yet to see if at any point, it'll split into two different paths within the same career but I'm eager to carry on and find out more.


So, all in all, this game is pretty darn good. But for £50? That's still rather extortionate I find considering there's lots more room just left blank for the sake of expansions and a reason to grab more money off us. It's a shame as I can't even build a swimming pool! In my own back yard, that's just unheard of!

6/10 - Good game, good improvements, much excitement in creating your Sim. Too many gaps left for expansions and annoying sounds for everytime your Sim changes mood! And a stupid tutorial that pops up as and when it damn well pleases!



So having played some more, I have two children and I have to say I'm impressed, they actually look like me!! Or, my character anyway. But what I was most concerned about is that before, if your character work make up, chances are you child would be born with a painted face (when they aged up from toddler). This time, that didn't happen! No freakish child, weird clothing or anything (which normally happened to me). I HAVE ALSO FOUND A REASON WHY YOU SHOULD CARRY OUT THE DAILY ASPIRATIONS! Turns out you do still have those Lifetime rewards things but it wasn't made clear.


Also, I'm really starting to f**king hate the hints and tips thing that just appear whenever they damn well please when I've already sussed out that shit you're adamant on telling me now.


The Walking Dead Season 1 + 2

Written by Miss Angel.



I recently completed The Walking Dead Season 1 because I wanted to play Season 2 but, like a TV series, didn't want to miss anything.

I don't watch the TV series itself. My flat mate tried to get me into it but after the second or third episode (which ever one it is where the two brothers have reunited), all I wanted to do was kill the two brothers as they were the cause for all the drama and had I been in that group, I would not have had a problem taking a shotgun to the both of them. Needless to say, I walked out after that. I couldn't stand another episode without completely losing my cool and rage quitting on life.

However! I was happy to say that the game is better than that! And I'd been playing the game before I'd even seen the TV series.


The Walking Dead Season 1 is an MDS. Moral Dilemma Strategy game. That's what I'm calling it and I'm sticking to it. Within the first 5 minutes of playing the game, I'd regretted every decision I'd made and wanted to start the whole thing over. Alas, I stuck with it and plondered on, trying to make the right decision and sacrificing others. The game has a series of "turn-points" where you have to decide between two people. The one you save will live, the other will die. And in 5 seconds you must decide who is going to be better for the group. There are wrong decisions and you will suffer for it.

I loved the art work of this game, having never seen the comics, I was incredibly impressed how well it all worked. I was even more impressed when this game came out on Android and the graphics and game play were EXACTLY the same!

There are points in this game where it gets a bit dull. In order to make the story work, there are times where you have to go back and forth, picking up equipment, working out puzzles to get things to work so you can move on. It is a little tedious especially as you can't make your character run. 

I can't really say much about this game without giving much away. Just believe me that it's good fun, although isn't action packed, requires a fair amount of interaction and your actions actually make an impact.

I have since started playing Season 2. Once again, within 5 minutes, I was crying. Well, not literally as I don't have tear ducts but the drama was just a punch in the face with Mr T shouting "Get some nuts!" at me and to stop being a little baby. After ten minutes, I was even more in pain at the drama that had just unfolded! The game doesn't even tell you anything, it lets you work it out for yourself which is just brilliant!

On a plus side, you will get to see at the end of each chapter, how many people made the same decision as you, which is nice. You don't feel so alone anymore!

7/10 - thumbs up on the drama. Not so much on the going back and forth to get items for puzzles etc.