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Welcome to =EP= Gamers

Our mission at =EP= Gamers is to sustain and promote good gaming, sportsmanship, loyalty and honesty in the lives of gamers all over the world. We plan to achieve this mission, primarily, by allowing members to play games in a competitive yet friendly environment. Through these interactions, we hope to give our members a sense of belonging, while also promoting teamwork. We believe that in doing so, we are helping these members to achieve their highest potential in game and in real life. Our officers and leaders are committed volunteers that provide support to our members anytime it is needed. Our success will be measured not by the number of members the clan has, but by creating a tight community of gamers. We are a non-profit organization, and our officers and leaders are all unpaid volunteers here to help our members whenever we can.

The Walking Dead Season 1 + 2

Written by Miss Angel.



I recently completed The Walking Dead Season 1 because I wanted to play Season 2 but, like a TV series, didn't want to miss anything.

I don't watch the TV series itself. My flat mate tried to get me into it but after the second or third episode (which ever one it is where the two brothers have reunited), all I wanted to do was kill the two brothers as they were the cause for all the drama and had I been in that group, I would not have had a problem taking a shotgun to the both of them. Needless to say, I walked out after that. I couldn't stand another episode without completely losing my cool and rage quitting on life.

However! I was happy to say that the game is better than that! And I'd been playing the game before I'd even seen the TV series.


The Walking Dead Season 1 is an MDS. Moral Dilemma Strategy game. That's what I'm calling it and I'm sticking to it. Within the first 5 minutes of playing the game, I'd regretted every decision I'd made and wanted to start the whole thing over. Alas, I stuck with it and plondered on, trying to make the right decision and sacrificing others. The game has a series of "turn-points" where you have to decide between two people. The one you save will live, the other will die. And in 5 seconds you must decide who is going to be better for the group. There are wrong decisions and you will suffer for it.

I loved the art work of this game, having never seen the comics, I was incredibly impressed how well it all worked. I was even more impressed when this game came out on Android and the graphics and game play were EXACTLY the same!

There are points in this game where it gets a bit dull. In order to make the story work, there are times where you have to go back and forth, picking up equipment, working out puzzles to get things to work so you can move on. It is a little tedious especially as you can't make your character run. 

I can't really say much about this game without giving much away. Just believe me that it's good fun, although isn't action packed, requires a fair amount of interaction and your actions actually make an impact.

I have since started playing Season 2. Once again, within 5 minutes, I was crying. Well, not literally as I don't have tear ducts but the drama was just a punch in the face with Mr T shouting "Get some nuts!" at me and to stop being a little baby. After ten minutes, I was even more in pain at the drama that had just unfolded! The game doesn't even tell you anything, it lets you work it out for yourself which is just brilliant!

On a plus side, you will get to see at the end of each chapter, how many people made the same decision as you, which is nice. You don't feel so alone anymore!

7/10 - thumbs up on the drama. Not so much on the going back and forth to get items for puzzles etc.

Battlefield Hardline BETA

Written by Miss Angel.


Battlefield Hardline BETA has become available for PC and once I was informed, jumped straight onto this.

Unlike everyone else, I hadn't seen anything of the demos or trailers and knew nothing about it other than the name. I do this quite a lot so that I don't raise my expectations and can come at it from a neutral viewpoint with nothing but previous sequels (if applicable) to compare to.

To be perfectly honest, I've somewhat lost interest in the series as Battlefield 4 made it difficult for me. The new maps are incredible and they've done a lot with it, however the levelling system is near impossible for someone of my skill level and it becomes daunting and monotonous not being able to get the gadgets I want for my gun because I'm not the right level and I'm just getting owned by everyone else whose hundreds of levels above me. This, of course, enduces rage and I, for one, am not a pretty sight under a fully initiated rage sequence.

Alas, I digress. Battlefield Hardline is going to get many mixed reviews and I imagine they've accomodated for the fact that they're going to lose a lot of die hard fans and be replaced with a new generation. As harsh as that sounds, it shows in this.

After loading my first game, Heist, my initial thought was, "what have I got myself in for?". Origin have stuck to their guns in using the browser to load the game, let's hope that they've upgraded their servers to be able to cope and used the Battlefield 3 and 4 lessons well. The loading screens lead a false sense of security that not much has changed. Into the game and the graphics are of the same quality and style. You know you're playing the Battlefield franchise. First difference is the deployment page. There's money that you earn for each kill and you use this to buy the weapons. You've still got to level up enough to unlock the weapons and then earn enough to buy it. Almost making you work twice as hard but you'd assume if you've levelled up enough, surely you have enough money by now to buy it. That almost makes the purchases irrelevant. I had wondered if it was going to be like counter strike where you buy your weapons every round but it wasn't. Once you've bought it, you keep it. You don't even have to buy grenade refills. 

So the game begins, the FPS is a little laggy but that's to be expected. "Protect the Package". Well, that sounds ominous! So, turns out this is a game of Cops and Robbers. Herein lies the debate of this game. There's going to be a lot of people complaining that there's no tanks and proper war time paraphernalia that we're used to. However, had they kept it, there would've been complaints that they've done nothing but add new maps. What they have done is changed the scenario to perhaps more relatable situations. We see cops and robbers more frequently than tanks and soldiers, right?

However, despite this sudden change in path for the franchise, the game is still only a Beta and they haven't yet released the other game modes which could see, although no tanks, other potentially suitable replacements for different game modes. The campaign might also give a better idea as to what it's all about as the campaigns are made first before the multiplayer. So whatever the campaign is, the multiplayer is based around it (although many seem to forget this).


We have to remember that war games are in limited supply and there's only so many scenarios we can create without making any regional conflicts. The gaming industry is constantly under threat from media and politics and turning down a path of cops and robbers means it is less likely to cause controversy in a world that is run by political bullshit.  It's not what we want but it's what we have to deal with.

So in light of this, I ask this of you. Keep an open mind. Wait until full release. The Beta isn't much to go on and although it leaves a lot to be desired, there's potential for a lot more to come of it. Just hang tight. They could pull it out their arse yet!